Friday, 7 February 2020

Interactive Music Maps of North West London

After several years of research, and with the technical expertise of Adrian Hindle-Briscall, we have published two unique and free online maps.

One map covers the studios, record companies, record shops and clubs in North West London from Finchley Road, through West Hampstead, Kilburn, Willesden and Harlesden. The other looks at the musicians, producers and managers who lived the area. 

Screen shot of Map 1
Map 1 includes the well-known Decca Studios in West Hampstead as well as the now unknown site of the Edison National Phonographic Company. Did you know about Master Rock studios in Kilburn High Road where many famous bands made records? This area also had Island, Trojan and Zomba Record companies. There were Irish clubs like the Banba in Kilburn, the Purple Pussycat disco in Finchley Road, and music venues such as the popular Gaumont State, The National, the Mean Fidler and today’s The Fiddler.

Map 2 shows the homes of three of the Rolling Stones; Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Brian Jones. As many people are aware Dusty Springfield was born in West Hampstead, but you will also find Billy Idol, Joan Armatrading, Lulu, Bob Marley, Johnny Kidd, Joe Strummer, Dudley Moore, Screaming Lord Sutch, Brian Epstein and over 200 others. You will be surprised by the musicians who have lived here.

You can click on the map pins or the index and information will appear in a popup. 

By scrolling, you can zoom down to individual houses.

The maps are hosted on ‘Not Just Camden’ the website produced by Adrian for a group of guides who organize walks in Camden, Brent and other parts of London.

Explore and enjoy.

Here is the link to the maps home page.
It works best on a desktop or laptop and there may be problems looking at the maps on a mobile phone.

Please pass on the link to other people to spread knowledge about this rich musical area.

Thanks to everyone who provided information.


  1. Well done Dick, Marrianne & Adrian, a very good local asset.
    Is my stop of John Tavener's family business in Iverson Rd on there? Thank you &
    All the best Alan

  2. Thanks Alan,
    Glad you enjoyed the maps.
    I have not included John Tavener because I have not covered any classical people in the maps.

  3. How cool is this? Kilburn needs this acknowledgement! I have lived here for decades, huge music fan so going there now!

  4. Hi Shawn,
    Great that you like the maps - hours of fun!

  5. Hi Dick
    You've proved that Kilburn has music history coming out of its ears! Congratulations to you and Adrian. I'll have fun walking around the music locations. Do arrange a talk!!